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IT Security Solutions in NYC, Rockland County & Northern New Jersey

ConnectNet Solutions provides IT Security Solutions to businesses in and around New York City, Westchester & Rockland Counties and Northern New Jersey. Second to the needs of your clients, nothing is more important to your business than its security. Safeguarding both the digital and physical property of your business is an often overlooked, yet hugely critical component of laying the foundation for a smooth-running, attack-resistant company structure that will keep you up and running without any problems.

At ConnectNet IT services in NY and Northern NJ, we can help you completely secure your computer system, network devices and remote access VPN technology, as well as provide your company with the latest in high security camera systems.

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Our IT Security Services

IT Services in NYC

Network Security IT Solutions

Let ConnectNet Solutions be your one-stop source for all of network security needs. We specialize in:

  • Firewall Security – Setting up tough firewall security is one of the first steps that a modern business should take if it relies on extended Internet usage between employees and clients.
  • Secure Wireless Solutions – With wireless internet and communications becoming ever more popular and ubiquitous, it is essential that the wireless transmissions of your business are fully secured and encrypted.
  • SSL VPN Appliance – If your business utilizes VPN technology, ConnectNet IT services in NY can assist you in setting up Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN for dramatically increased security that modern businesses demand.

IT Services New York

Security Camera Systems

With digital security such a concern amongst businesses today, protecting your physical property can often seem like an afterthought. Fortunately, at ConnectNet IT services in NYC and Northern New Jersey, we can configure, wire and install virtually any kind of security camera system for your business. We specialize in:

  • Analog Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Local Camera Recording
  • Remote Camera recording
  • Wiring for analog and IP Cameras

Remote Access VPN Solutions

It Security Solutions NYCFor businesses that rely on remote access VPN technology, ConnectNet has designed VPNSS – Virtual Private Network Security Solutions, a technology specifically tailored to reduce the complexity of VPN deployment, and ensure that you truly benefit from your investment in this technology. The innovative VPNSS approach enhances ConnectNet’s VPN capacities to focus on your needs in a logical, structured and customizable way. The following are some of the remote access VPN services that ConnectNet Solutions can offer your business:

  • Mobile user to Office Connectivity
  • Office to Home User Connectivity
  • Office to Office Connectivity
  • Office to Warehouse Connectivity
  • Road Warrior to Office

What is Remote Access VPN Technology?

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is a cost-effective way to connect branch offices, telecommuters, remote staff, warehouses, stores or partner companies around the globe. Configured to access the public network infrastructure while utilizing access controls and encryption technology, remote access VPN is an extremely economical and secure business communication option. To learn more about how it can transform the way your business communications, give us a call at 845.290.8800.

Interested in our IT security solutions and services? Give us a call at 845.290.8800, or visit our Contact page. We primarily service New York City, Northern New Jersey, and the counties of Westchester and Rockland in upstate New York.

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