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Telephony Services in NYC, Northern NJ & Rockland County

ConnectNet Solutions is an NY IT company providing a variety of professional Telephony Services in the New York City, Northern New Jersey, Rockland and Westchester county areas. Developing and maintaining the way that your business communicates – from fax and voicemail servers to phone systems, satellite phones, VoIP and more – is extremely important to ensuring that your operations continue to run smoothly and that you can communicate with your employees at the push of a button. Fortunately, ConnectNet Solutions telephony services can help you develop and maintain the right communications system for your business from the ground up.

Below are some of the telephony services that we offer:

Telephony Services NYC & NJ

Voicemail and Fax Server Services

Voicemail and Fax Server Services

The proper type of voicemail or fax server can make a big difference in the way your company does businesses. ConnectNet IT solutions can develop, maintain and support your voice and fax servers so that you have the right piece of equipment for your particular business.

  • Fax Servers – Support, Services, Upgrades
  • Voicemail Servers – Support Services, Upgrades

IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Leave it to the IT professionals at ConnectNet to manage your IT infrastructure solutions. We have performed countless infrastructure operations in the New York City and Northern New Jersey areas for medium and large businesses. Our IT infrastructure solutions include:

  • Wiring Building-to-Building
  • Wiring for Phone Systems
  • Wiring for VOIP telephones

IT Solutions Wireless Voice and Data

IT Solutions in NY & NJ for Wireless Voice and Data

ConnectNet IT Solutions in NYC and Northern NJ also provides enterprise-class connectivity solutions for all of your wireless voice and data systems. Our custom IT solutions for wireless data and voice can bring your business’s wireless communications to the next level. We offer solutions for :

  • Voice T-1
  • Wireless via Cellular

Satellite Telephony

Satellite Telephony

ConnectNet Solutions can also help large businesses that require satellite telephony options, including satellite internet connectivity. With satellite telephony options available to you and your staff, there are simply no limits to where you can do business. ConnectNet offers the following in satellite telephony:

  • Satellite Internet connectivity
  • Satellite Phones
  • Satellite Telephone Service

Phone Systems Service and Installation NYC and NJ

Phone System Services & Installation

Of course, a large part of our telephony services focuses around phone system services. The phone system options available to businesses today are countless and can sometimes be quite complex. At ConnectNet, we make it easy to develop, diagnose and repair any type of phone system. Some of the phone system services that we specialize in include:

  • Building-to-Building Intercommunication
  • Centralized Voice Mail
  • Follow me feature to Home or Cell Phone
  • Phone System at Headquarters
  • Phone System Cordless Phones
  • Phone System tied in to remote location phone systems
  • Professional Greetings for auto attendant
  • Professional Music on Hold
  • Remote IP Phones connected via Internet to HQ
  • Remote Soft phones on PC and Laptops to HQ
  • Voicemail-to-cellphone
  • Voicemail-to-e-mail


Choose ConnectNet for the Best IT Solutions in NY and Northern New Jersey

Whether you need telephony services, IT support services, network management solutions, server installations upgrades or any other IT services, you can count on ConnectNet Solutions. We perform our services in New York City, Westchester County, Rockland County and Northern New Jersey. Call 845.290.8800 now or visit our Contact page to get in touch with us.

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